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Activating fraud monitoring on ordersUpdated 6 months ago

Keysender offers vendors tools for fraud prevention that can be customized at both the store and product level. This guide outlines the tools that can be set up at the product level and integrates Shopify's security settings to provide an efficient fraud prevention strategy.

Step 1: Access Product Details Page

  • Navigate to the product for which you want to set up fraud screening.
  • Click on the product details page.

Note: Fraud screening only worked when using Access Page. This means you must only have the [STATUS] variable input into distribution messages

Step 2: Set Up Risk Score Threshold

  • Find the option to set a specific risk score threshold.
  • Determine a threshold based on the calculated likelihood of fraud for that product.

Step 3: Configure Billing Country & IP Matching

  • Check the option to verify if the billing country matches the IP country.
  • Use this to block transactions with mismatched IP and billing information.

Step 4: Identify Transactions from High-Risk Countries

  • Keysender has certain countries marked as high-risk.
  • Enable this setting to automatically block transactions originating from these countries.

Step 5: Set up Shopify Risk Score (in the Settings Page under security)

  • Navigate to Shopify security settings.
  • Determine the appropriate risk score relevant to your business.
  • Fine-tune your risk tolerance and thresholds:
    • Transactional Limit: Maximum transactions within specified days per customer's email (no credits consumed).
    • Shopify Risk: Hold if the score is greater than a specific value, based on Shopify analysis (no credits consumed).

Step 6: Save and Monitor

  • Save all the configurations.
  • Regularly monitor and adjust the settings based on emerging fraud patterns and trends.

Keysender's fraud prevention tools, including integration with Shopify's security settings, allow vendors to control the security of each product efficiently. By understanding and employing these tools, vendors can enhance fraud screening methods to match the unique risk profiles of individual products. Regular review and updates are essential to maintaining effective protection. If needed, vendors can utilize Keysender's support resources and customer service for assistance in configuring these vital fraud prevention tools.

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