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Adding a customer to the block or allow listUpdated 7 months ago

Keysender has inbuilt security features, including the block and allowlists (also known as the blacklist and whitelist). This guide will help you understand how to use these features.

Step 1: Understand Block and Allowlists

The block and allowlists are security features in Keysender. The blocklist prohibits any future order distributions from going out to a specific guest, whereas the allowlist lets the guest bypass any security measures you have on your product database.

Step 2: Access Guest Order Options

To add guests to either the blocklist or the allowlist, you need to navigate to the 'People' > 'Customers' options.

Step 3: Search the customer you'd to Block or Allow

Search the customer you'd like to block. Using Action > Details select either 'Blocklist' or 'Allowlist'. Choosing 'Blocklist' will prevent the guest from receiving future distributions. On the other hand, adding them to the 'Allowlist' will permit the guest to bypass product database security.

Step 4: Update Block and Allowlists

You can also update the block and allowlists by going to 'People' -> 'Customers' -> 'Block' list or 'Allow' list. Here, you can see all users who have been added.

Step 5: Manually Add Users

To manually add users to the blocklist, press 'Add Customer', then enter the guest's email.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage and control the security of your product distributions on Keysender.

Last Reviewed: 12/27/2023

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