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Adding digital products to a databaseUpdated a year ago

Keysender provides a powerful platform for managing digital products, including unique keys like game codes, activation keys, and recursive items like images and PDFs. Understanding how to properly configure your database with product messages, SKU, and usage limits can optimize your operations and enhance customer experience. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this process:

Step 1: Navigate to the Database Tab

  • Click the "Database" tab to access the database creation section.

Step 2: Click 'Add Database'

  • Select “Add database” to begin.


Step 3: Choose Database Type

  • One use: For unique keys like activation keys or game codes.
  • Multi-usage: For recursive keys like images, PDFs, multiple-use codes, or reset instructions.


Step 4: Name Your Database and Select Type

  • Enter a name and choose the type based on the keys you're adding.

Step 5: Add Keys or Upload Files (Optional)

  • You have the option to add text codes or upload files (up to 100MB per file) on the database details page.


Step 6: Add Product Message [PM] and SKU

  • In the details tab, add a Product Message [PM] for product activation instructions.
  • The [PM] variable can be added to email or inbox templates and will be visible on the guest access page.
  • Add the SKU for easy tracking and management.

Step 7: Set Usage Limits for Unique Keys (If Applicable)

  • For unique keys, you can set a usage limit.
  • Example: A key can be sent 5 times to 5 unique customers. If a customer purchases twice, the system will send two unique codes, even if the code can be sent 5 times.

Examples of Keys:

  • Unique Keys:
    • Activation Keys: XZ42V-TB72H-4BFKM-Q6FXW
    • Game Codes: 3FG5J-LH9Z5-ZBZH4-JB3X3-FQ44R
  • Recursive Keys:
    • Images: filename: giftcard.png
    • PDFs: filename: user_manual.pdf
    • Multiple Use Code: PROMO2023
    • Reset Instructions: filename: reset_instructions.txt

Properly setting up your product database is essential to efficiently manage your digital goods and provide clear instructions to your customers. With features like Product Message [PM] variables, SKU tracking, and controlled usage limits, Keysender ensures that you have all the tools needed to streamline your operations and elevate the customer experience. If you have further questions, support is readily available to assist you.

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