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Getting Started with Keysender

New to Keysender? Explore our quick start guide for essential steps in setting up and maximizing your digital product distribution. Start your journey to efficient and secure sales management today.

Adding credits to your account

Need to add credits to your Keysender account? Our guide simplifies the process, helping you fund your digital product purchases with ease.

Adding digital products to a database

Explore how to add digital products to your database with Keysender. Our guide outlines the essential steps for seamless integration and management.

Customizing email and inbox templates

Personalize your communication with Keysender's guide to customizing email and inbox templates. Tailor messages to align with your brand and needs.

Connecting your products to an integration

Want to connect products to an integration? Follow Keysender's guide for a streamlined process, enhancing your digital product distribution and management.

Setting Up Your Access Page

The Keysender access page is a vital component of your digital distribution system, acting as the final delivery point where customers access their purchased products. It's essential for creating a positive customer experience, reinforcing your brand

Setting up FAQs on your Access Page

Streamline customer support with our quick guide to setting up and managing FAQs in Keysender. Enhance user experience with efficient self-service today!

Sending email using your custom domain (Outlook SMTP)

Looking to send emails through your custom domain using Outlook SMTP? Keysender's guide walks you through the setup for professional and consistent communication.

Sending email using your custom domain (Gmail SMTP)

Send emails through your custom domain using Gmail SMTP with Keysender's straightforward guide. Elevate your brand communication with a seamless setup.

Viewing and managing your orders

Track and control your digital product orders with Keysender. Our guide provides essential insights for efficient order management and oversight.

Viewing specific order details

Need detailed insights into a specific order? Keysender's guide offers step-by-step instructions to view all necessary details for effective order management.

Filtering and exporting all orders

Learn how to filter and export all orders with Keysender's guide. Streamline your digital sales tracking and reporting for enhanced business efficiency.

Managing notifications for held orders

Stay informed about held orders with Keysender. Our guide helps you manage notifications effectively, ensuring timely updates and actions.

Adding a customer to the block or allow list

Control customer access with Keysender. Follow our guide to add customers to the block or allow list, tailoring your digital product distribution.

Responding to messages through Keysender

Engage with customers directly through Keysender. Our guide details how to respond to messages, ensuring effective and prompt communication.

Assigning bonus or multiple quantity codes

Looking to incentivize purchases? Keysender's guide teaches you how to assign bonus or multiple quantity codes, enhancing your digital product offerings.

Syncing missed orders

Missed an order? With Keysender's guide, learn how to sync missed orders for seamless sales management, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Activating fraud monitoring on orders

Enhance security with Keysender. Our guide shows you how to activate fraud monitoring on orders, protecting your digital sales and building customer trust.