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Assigning bonus or multiple quantity codesUpdated a year ago

Step 1: Log in to Your eCommerce Platform

To start the process of assigning bonus codes, first log in to your eCommerce platform.

Step 2: Navigate to the 'Products' Under Integration

Find and click on the Integration name menu (for example, eBay, Shopify, MercardoLibre, etc.), and then select 'Products'.

Step 3: Choose the Product to Assign Bonus Codes

From the list of products, find the one to which you want to assign bonus codes and click 'Details'.


Step 4: Access Bonus Codes

At the top of the product details page, click on 'Bonus Codes'.


Step 5: Enable Bonus Codes

You will now be presented with various options for bonus codes, including:

  • Disabled: Turns off bonus codes.
  • Double: Sends one code from the original database and one from the bonus codes database.
  • Triple: Sends one code from the original database and two from the bonus codes database.
  • Custom: Allows specifying the number of bonus codes to send.

Step 6: Select Bonus Codes Database

Choose the database from which the bonus codes should be drawn. This could be the same as your original database or a different one.

Step 7: Configure Custom Settings (If Necessary)

If you've selected 'Custom', a pop-up will appear where you can adjust your bonus code delivery settings.


Step 8: Save Changes

After you've configured your settings, click 'Save Changes' to apply them.


Possible Uses for Bonus Codes:

  • Deliver a two-month subscription as two separate one-month codes.
  • Assign a specific instruction manual or guide to a product.
  • Include a unique key as part of a product bundle, enhancing its value.
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