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Connecting your products to an integrationUpdated a year ago

Follow these steps to properly connect your specific integration to the correct email and inbox templates, connect a product database, adjust the price, and enable monitoring within Keysender:

Step 1: Select Your Specific Integration within Keysender

  • Log in to your Keysender account.
  • Select the integration name from the dropdown menu at the top of the page (e.g., WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc.).

Step 2: Navigate to Products within Your Integration

  • Navigate to 'Products' within your selected integration.
  • Find the specific product you want to link.

Step 3: Connect a Product Database

  • Connect the desired Keysender database to the specific product.
  • Ensure that the database contains all the necessary information for that product.

Step 4: Adjust the Price (Optional)

  • You can directly adjust the price of the product within your specific integration from Keysender.
  • Ensure the pricing aligns with your overall pricing strategy and reflects the value of the product.

Step 5: Connect Your Email and Inbox Templates

  • If you want to utilize custom email and inbox templates for distribution, select your preferred options.
  • Make sure the status of the selected templates is set to 'Active'.

Step 6: Press Monitoring as Active

  • Locate the monitoring section within your specific integration in Keysender.
  • Activate or turn on the monitoring settings based on your business needs.

These steps enable the connection of your specific integration to the appropriate email and inbox templates, connect the product database, allow you to adjust the price, and activate monitoring within Keysender.

For the detailed authorization process and any specific nuances related to your integration, please refer to the specific integration guide provided by Keysender for your platform.

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