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Filtering and exporting all ordersUpdated a year ago

This guide explains how to manage transactions on your Keysender platform, including how to view all orders, perform mass actions, and add transactions.

Step 1: Log in to Keysender

Begin by logging into your Keysender account.

Step 2: Navigate to the Transactions Tab

Click on 'Transactions' -> 'Show All' to see all orders from all integrations.

Step 3: Filter and Export Orders (Optional)

You can filter orders by email, auction number, user-sent code, and more. To export all orders within a specific time range, select the desired parameters.

Step 4: Perform Mass Actions

By selecting all your orders, you have the ability to accept buyers, mark as done, refund, report fraud, and more.

Step 5: Check Pending Orders

The 'All Status' section provides an overview of all orders requiring action (e.g., correct, on hold, under verification).

Step 6: Add Transactions

Go to 'Add new' to add a wholesale order or a missed order. Fill in the payer email, item name, quantity, database selection, gross amount, message template, reply-to email, and press 'Send'.

How to Analyze Keysender Transactions using Excel

Step 1: Log in to Keysender

Start by logging into your Keysender account.

Step 2: Access the Transactions Tab

Go to the 'Transactions' tab and select 'Show All'.

Step 3: Export CSV File

Click 'Export', and a CSV file containing your transaction data will download onto your computer.

Step 4: Open Excel

Open Excel on your computer and navigate to 'Data' -> 'From Text/CSV'.

Step 5: Select the Downloaded File

Choose the downloaded CSV file from Keysender.

Step 6: Set Delimiter

Under 'Delimiter', select 'Semicolon', then press 'Load'.

Step 7: Analyze the Data

Your Keysender transactions are now imported into Excel, where you can analyze buyer names, countries, average sales, quantities, and more.

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