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Responding to messages through KeysenderUpdated a year ago

This guide will take you through the process of managing and responding to eBay customer messages directly from your Keysender account. The integration ensures that you can engage with your customers efficiently without needing to switch between different platforms.

Step 1: Navigate to Message Center

Click on 'Messaging Center' in the main menu to access all your eBay customer messages within Keysender.

Step 3: Review eBay Messages

Here, you can view all messages sent to your eBay-authenticated account in the Keysender Message Center.

Step 4: Mark Messages

Organize your messages by marking them as read, important, or delete them if no longer needed.

Step 5: Open Messages

Click on a message's subject to open the entire conversation thread.

Step 6: Reply to Messages

After reading, click 'Reply' to write your response in the provided text box.

Step 7: Send Response

Press 'Send' to dispatch your reply directly through the eBay messaging system.

By following these steps, you'll be able to manage your eBay customer communications seamlessly through Keysender, enabling prompt responses and helping maintain positive relationships with your customers.

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