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Sending email using your custom domain (Gmail SMTP)Updated a year ago

As you begin using Keysender for distributing email messages under your own name or brand, it's important to configure the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up SMTP for Gmail within Keysender, including enabling 2-Step Verification (2FA) for added security.


  1. Login to Keysender
  2. Accessing Account Settings
  3. Enabling 2-Step Verification (2FA) for Gmail
  4. Generating App Password for Keysender
  5. SMTP Configuration for Gmail
  6. Testing the Configuration
  7. Error Handling and Troubleshooting

Step 1: Login to Keysender

  1. Visit the Keysender website and log in to your account using your credentials.

Step 2: Accessing Account Settings

  1. After logging in, navigate to the "Account" section on the Keysender platform.
  2. Click on "Settings."
  3. Locate and select "SMTP" from the settings menu.

Step 3: Enabling 2-Step Verification (2FA) for Gmail

  1. Before setting up SMTP, ensure you have 2-Step Verification (2FA) enabled for your Gmail account.
  2. Go to your Google Account settings (
  3. Under "Security," select "2-Step Verification."
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the 2FA setup.

Step 4: Generating App Password for Keysender

  1. Once 2-Step Verification is enabled, you'll need to generate an app password for Keysender.
  2. In the Google Account settings, under "Security," select "App passwords."
  3. Select "Mail" from the drop-down menu and "Other" from the second drop-down menu.
  4. Name the app password (e.g., Keysender SMTP) and click "Generate."
  5. Copy the generated app password (a 16-character code) to use in Keysender later.

Step 5: SMTP Configuration for Gmail

  1. Return to the Keysender SMTP settings.
  2. Sender Name: Enter the name you want to use as the sender of the emails (e.g., your business name).
  3. Sender Email: Input the email address you want to use as the sender. For example, "[email protected]".
  4. Host and Port: For Gmail, use the following settings:
    • Host:
    • Port: 587 (TLS) or 465 (SSL)
  5. Encryption: Choose either TLS or SSL, depending on the port you've selected.
  6. Email Provider Username: Enter your Gmail email address.
  7. Email Provider Password: Enter the app password you generated for Gmail during the 2-Step Verification process.
  8. Activate SMTP: Enable the SMTP option to authorize Keysender to distribute emails on your behalf.

Step 6: Testing the Configuration

  1. Once you've entered all the necessary information for Gmail, click on "Send Test Email."
  2. Review the test email to ensure that it's being sent from the proper sender name and email address.
  3. If the test email is successful, you'll see a confirmation message in Keysender.

Step 7: Error Handling and Troubleshooting

  1. If there's an error with sending the test email, you'll see the error message displayed in the top right corner of the Keysender platform.
  2. Check the error message to identify the issue. Common causes of errors include incorrect SMTP settings, app password mistakes, or issues with Gmail configurations.
  3. Double-check your settings and make corrections as needed. Ensure that the username and app password are accurate.
  4. If the issue persists, consult Gmail's support or Keysender's help documentation for further troubleshooting steps.

Congratulations! You've successfully configured the SMTP settings in Keysender for Gmail. Now you can distribute email messages using your own brand or business name with added security through 2-Step Verification. If you encounter any issues during the setup process, follow the troubleshooting steps or send us a message.

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