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Setting Up Your Access PageUpdated 7 months ago

The Keysender access page is a vital component of your digital distribution system, acting as the final delivery point where customers access their purchased products. It's essential for creating a positive customer experience, reinforcing your brand, ensuring content security, and facilitating effective communication. This guide will take you through the steps to set up and optimize this crucial element of your service.

The Importance of the Access Page:

  • Central Distribution Hub: It's where customers receive their products, making it the heart of the transaction process.
  • Brand Representation: The design and functionality of the access page reflect directly on your brand, impacting customer perception and satisfaction.
  • Security Control: With the ability to revoke access, set limits of viewing, and set fraud screening criteria you maintain control over who can see and use your content.
  • Customer Insights: Integration with tools like Google Analytics provides valuable customer behavior and preferences data.
  • Efficient Support: Incorporating FAQs and live chat options like Crisp chat enhances customer support, offering immediate help and reducing support tickets.

Step 1: Log Into Keysender

  • Access Your Account: Visit the Keysender website and enter your credentials.
  • Navigate to Settings: Locate 'Account Settings' to find the access page settings.

Step 2: Customize Your Access Page

  • Find the Access Page Section: In your account settings, select the 'Access Page' option to begin customization.

Step 3: Upload Your Logo

  • Enhance Brand Identity: Add your logo to make the page recognizable and professional.

Step 4: Integrate Crisp Chat

  • Provide Immediate Support: Set up Crisp Chat for real-time customer interaction and support. Allowing you to handle guest support from all integrations in one place.
  • Set Up Crisp Chat

    Navigate to Crisp's website and create an account or log in. Crisp chat is a tool that allows you to easily communicate with vendors.

  • Obtain Website ID from Crisp

    In Crisp's Settings > Website Settings > Press your site > Setup Instructions you will find your website ID. Copy this ID.

  • Paste Website ID into Keysender

    Navigate back to Keysender and paste the copied website ID into the designated field.

Step 5 (Optional): Add Google Analytics ID

  • Gain Customer Insights: Implement Google Analytics to understand how customers interact with the access page, demographics, and user profiles. Using this information, you can begin to use targeted advertising to reach new customers.

Step 6 (Optional): Legal and Policy Links

  • Ensure Transparency: Add necessary legal links like Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to build trust and outline business regulations.

Step 7 (Optional): Social Media Integration

  • Expand Your Presence: Optionally include links to your social media profiles to connect with customers on various platforms.

Step 8: Save and Review Changes

  • Implement Changes: After adding or updating information, save your changes.
  • Double-Check: Review the access page to ensure all elements appear and function correctly.

Step 9: Test the Distribution Process

  • Ensure Smooth Delivery: Run a test to confirm the entire process from purchase to product access works seamlessly.
  • Consider User Experience: Look at the process from the customer's viewpoint to identify any potential issues or improvements.

A well-configured access page can help you cross-sell and build your brand beyond one integration, providing a positive customer experience, and ensuring content security. It's the bridge between your products and your customers, making its effectiveness directly tied to customer satisfaction and business success. Following these steps to optimize your access page, you'll be better positioned to grow your customer base, enhance brand loyalty, and streamline your digital distribution process.

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