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Syncing missed ordersUpdated a year ago

Efficient eCommerce operations rely on accurate tracking of all transactions. However, some transactions may be missed due to various circumstances. eBay utilizes the eBay Sync option for this purpose, while most other integrations implement automated runs in the background, ensuring no orders are missed.

For eBay:

Step 1: Navigate to eBay Sync

  • Log into your eCommerce platform and go to your transaction summary page.
  • Click on the 'eBay Sync' option.

Step 2: Specify Sync Duration

  • Input the number of days you'd like to sync your transactions from eBay.
  • Pressing 'Apply' will review past orders from the specified period, capturing missed transactions and importing them into your system.

For Other Integrations:

Step 3: Automated Sync

  • Other integrations use an automated sync feature that continually reviews and imports past orders without requiring manual input.
  • This automated syncing runs in the background, and you only need to ensure that your integrations are correctly connected and that product monitoring is activated.

Troubleshooting Missed Transactions:

Step 4: Review Sync Settings

  • Check your sync settings to ensure they're configured correctly. Adjust if necessary.

Step 5: Check Connection and Monitoring

  • Make sure your integrations are properly connected and that product monitoring is activated.

Step 6: Contact Support Sooner Rather Than Later

  • If issues persist, reach out to the support team at [email protected] as soon as possible. Provide specific order numbers and the order time and date to aid in troubleshooting.


Please note, we can only post orders that we receive. Some systems may fail to send us the order as we've experienced in the past. By promptly reporting issues and keeping open communication with our support team, you can help ensure the seamless operation of your eCommerce business. This guide to eBay Sync and automated force sync is designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your eCommerce operations.

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