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Viewing and managing your ordersUpdated a year ago

Step 1: Accessing the Order Summary page

After successfully logging in to your account, navigate to the 'Summary' section from your dashboard's top menu.

Step 2: Filtering Orders

In the Order Summary section, you have the option to filter your orders based on the platform where you've distributed your digital products or by their transaction status. Select your preferred filter from the dropdown menus and apply it.

Step 3: Managing Orders

From the Order Summary, you can manage buyer transactions. You have the option to accept an order, mark it as done, or refund a buyer. Choose your preferred action from the list.

Step 4: Reviewing Specific Orders

If you wish to review a specific order, click on the 'Details' button corresponding to the order line in the table. This will open a page containing specific details and the transaction history of the order.

Step 5: Review the Order Details

After clicking on 'Details', you can now review the specifics of the order. This includes the transaction history, product details, and any customer communication related to this order.

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