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Integrating EnebaUpdated 7 days ago

Step 1: Login to your Keysender account and go to the integrations tab. Activate the Eneba integration. Make sure you are registered as a seller on Eneba.

Note: Currently, Eneba integration does not consume distribution credits.


Step 2: Once activated, Eneba will appear in your side panel. Select Stores.

Step 3: Click on "Add New"

Step 5: Navigate to the Eneba API Credentials page on Eneba.

Step 6: Product Details require 2FA, once 2FA is active, press generate for both sandbox and production credentials.

Step 7: Paste the Eneba 'Auth ID' and 'Auth Secret' into the corresponding fields in Keysender for both sandbox and production.

Step 8: Return to the Eneba domain verification page. Copy the TXT record below into the DNS configuration for the provider

Step 9: Whitelist Keysender IP address on Eneba by navigating to, the IP address is: 

Step 10: Paste the DNS Verification into the corresponding DNS verification field in Keysender

Step 11: Click 'Save'. This will authorize the integration and mark it as 'Active'.

Step 12: Then press verify Domain on Eneba by navigating to

Step 13: Navigate to 'Eneba Products'.

Step 14: If you don't see a product listed, or would like to add a new product, navigate to Eneba selling page and press Sell Item. Select the item you'd like to sell.

Step 15: Once you've 'started' your auction in Eneba, your active Eneba 'auction' will display in Keysender. You can now assign your Eneba item to a Keysender inventory, adjust the price in Eneba directly from Keysender, and activate the listing.

Step 16: Verify your Eneba listing is active by going to the product page in Eneba and verifying the price reflects what was set in Keysender

Step 17: Sales from Eneba will now appear on your Keysender 'Summary' page. You will see order details and assigned keys.


Reserved: In certain situations, such as when an order is unpaid or reserved, Eneba may 'hold' the order as reserved. This status will be shown on Keysender. Typically, orders are canceled within 6 hours but may take up to 24 hours, particularly if they remain unpaid or if the code was not seen. 

Returned Stock: If a key is returned by the guest on Eneba, the transaction will still show as complete on Keysender and stock returned to your Eneba stock where it will be distributed in the next order.

Reviewed: 12/20/2023





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