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Integrating GamivoUpdated 8 months ago

Follow these steps to successfully integrate Keysender with your Gamivo platform.

Step 1: Access Your Keysender Account

Start by logging into your Keysender account and navigate to the 'Integrations' tab.

Step 2: Activate Gamivo Integration

In the 'Integrations' tab, look for Gamivo and click on the activation button.

Once activated, you should see Gamivo listed in your Keysender sidebar.

Step 3: Add a New Gamivo Store, Enter the API Key, and Retrieve Access Token

Click on 'Stores' in the sidebar, then select the 'Add New' option. This will prompt a form where you will provide your Gamivo Store name, URL, and your Gamivo API key. Keysender will then provide you with an Access Token.

To get your API key, log into your Gamivo account and navigate to 'API Settings' under account settings. Press Generate new API token to generate your API key. Copy this API token to the Access token in Keysender.

Step 4: Whitelist Keysender's IP in Gamivo

While still in your Gamivo account, navigate to 'IP Whitelist' under 'Wholesale API'. Enter Keysender's IP address ( and save.

Step 5: Enter Keysender URL and Access Token in Gamivo

Still, on the Gamivo page, navigate to 'Your API credentials'. Here, enter the URL provided by Keysender during the login process, which is

Also, insert the Access Token provided by Keysender. Remember to test the connection and then save your changes.

Step 6: Create an Offer in Gamivo

Before moving to the Keysender product connection, you need to create offers in Gamivo for the products you want to sell. Once you've created these offers, they will appear when you refresh your products list in Keysender.

Step 7: Connect Your Gamivo Listings to Keysender

Now, return to your Keysender account and go to 'Products'. Here, you will see your Gamivo listings. Connect the specific Keysender database you want to link with the Gamivo item.

Your integration process is now complete. Your Gamivo products are ready to be linked with Keysender, which will facilitate the automatic delivery of your products to customers.

Reviewed: 7/9/2023


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