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Integrating KinguinUpdated 6 months ago

Step 1: Access Your Keysender Account

To begin, log into your Keysender account and navigate to the 'Integrations' tab.

Step 2: Activate Kinguin Integration

In the 'Integrations' tab, find Kinguin and click the activation button. After activation, Kinguin should be visible in your Keysender sidebar.

Step 3: Request Application Activation

Kinguin requires the activation of the application to allow Keysender to access your product and account information. Send a request to [email protected] asking for activation of your Kinguin Public API in the production environment. This process may take up to a week. Use the following template:

Subject: Request for Production Access to Kinguin Public API



I am a seller on Kinguin with the following account details:

Kinguin Account Email: [Your Email Here]

Environment: Production

I intend to streamline my distribution and sales through an application with an established and tested connection to Kinguin. I need my application approved for the Kinguin Public API to utilize the "declare stock" function in a production environment to accomplish this.

Please activate this feature for my account. If any additional information is required, please let me know. I am requesting a Kinguin Public ID and Secret with Declared Stock activated.


[Your Name]

Step 4: Add a New Kinguin Store, Public ID, and Secret ID in Keysender

You will then receive a reply from [email protected] with an application name, individual Public ID, and secret. Go to 'Stores' in your Keysender sidebar and click on 'Add New'. This will open a form to enter your Kinguin Store name, Public ID, Secret ID.

Step 5: Verify webhooks are active in Kinguin

Navigate to Kinguin by going to your seller account, account tab, then press Webhooks. Verify the webhooks show as follows:

Step 6: Create an Offer in Kinguin

Before connecting your Keysender products, you must create offers in Kinguin for the products you want to sell. Once you've created these offers, they will appear when you refresh your products list in Keysender. Verify that the item has a number for declared stock as seen in the image below (Current max: 10000). If the declared stock does not show a number, contact Keysender support at [email protected]

Step 7: Connect Your Kinguin Listings to Keysender

Return to your Keysender account and go to 'Products'. Here, you will see your Kinguin listings. Connect the specific Keysender database you want to link with the Kinguin item.

Your integration process is now complete. Your Kinguin products are ready to be linked with Keysender, which will facilitate the automatic delivery of your products to customers.

Reviewed: 12/20/2023

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