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Integrating WooCommerceUpdated a year ago

Follow the steps below to smoothly integrate Keysender with your WooCommerce platform.

Step 1: Access Your Keysender Account

Login to your Keysender account and locate the 'Integrations' tab.

Step 2: Activate WooCommerce Integration

In the integrations tab, look for WooCommerce and click on the activation button.

Once activated, you should see WooCommerce listed in the sidebar of your dashboard.

Step 3: Add a New WooCommerce Store

Click on 'Stores' located in the sidebar.

Next, select the 'Add New' option.

Step 4: Authorize Keysender

Authorize Keysender to access your WooCommerce account and approve the necessary application permissions.

Step 5: Connect Your Existing Databases to WooCommerce Products

Now, you'll need to link your existing databases to your WooCommerce products. Navigate to 'WooCommerce' > 'Products' in your dashboard.

Step 6: Connect your products

Find the specific WooCommerce product you'd like to link and connect it to the desired Keysender database.

Step 7: Select Email Template

If you want to use a custom email template for distribution, select your preferred one from the options. Make sure the status of the selected template is set to 'Active'.

Reviewed: 6/30/2023

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