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Integrating EtsyUpdated a year ago

Step 1: Access Your Keysender Account

First, log in to your Keysender account. Once logged in, locate and click on the 'Integrations' tab on the dashboard.

Step 2: Activate Etsy Integration

Inside the integrations tab, search for 'Etsy'. Once you find it, click on the activation button adjacent to it.

Upon successful activation, Etsy should now be listed in the sidebar of your dashboard.

Step 3: Add a New Etsy Shop

Next, locate 'Shops' on the sidebar and click on it. Inside the 'Shops' page, you'll find the 'Add New' option. Click on it to proceed.

Step 4: Authorize Keysender

At this stage, you will need to authorize Keysender to access your Etsy account. You will be asked to approve the necessary application permissions. Ensure you grant all the necessary permissions for successful integration.

Step 5: Connect Your Existing Databases to Etsy Products

The next step is to link your existing databases with your Etsy products. To do this, navigate to 'Etsy' > 'Products' located in your dashboard.

Step 6: Connect Your Products

In this step, you will need to find the specific Etsy product you wish to link. Once you find it, connect it to the desired Keysender database.

Step 7: Select Email Template

Finally, if you want to use a custom email template for distribution, you will need to select your preferred one from the available options. Once selected, ensure that the status of the chosen template is set to 'Active'.

Reviewed: 7/9/2023

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