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Integrating with Hood.deUpdated a year ago

This guide will show you how to integrate Keysender with

  1. Log in to your Keysender Account: Start by logging into your Keysender account.
  2. Navigate to the Integrations Tab: Once you're logged in, proceed to the integrations tab.
  1. Activate In the integrations tab, activate
  2. Press the Store Tab: Find and click on 'Stores' in the side panel.

  1. Add New Store: In the Stores panel, click on 'Add New'.

  1. Enter Credentials: You will be prompted to enter the Name, Username, and API Password. The 'Name' is for reference in Keysender stores. Your 'Username' should be your name. The 'API password' is the password you generate on

  1. Generate API Password: To generate an API password, log in to your seller account. Click on 'Mein Hood' in the top right corner.

  1. Access Import & Anbindungen: On the left menu bar, click on 'Import & Anbindungen'.

  1. Set up External Integration: In the 'Externe Anbindung einrichten' section, create your API password. Once created, click 'Einstellungen speichern'. Use this password in the Keysender platform.

Please note that access to API functionality requires a Platin Shop.

  1. Enter Credentials into Keysender: Input your Name, username, and API password into Keysender and press 'Save'.

  1. Verify your Account: Ensure that your account now appears in the Stores table.

  1. Select the Products Tab: For, select the 'Products' tab.

  1. Refresh the Product List: Update the product list to see all your products. Turn the monitoring to 'Active' on all products that you want Keysender to distribute.

  1. Set up Product Details: For each product, set the email template that will be sent each time a product is purchased. Connect the inventory from where the product will be sourced.

  1. Update Product Price: If needed, you can update the price of the product directly from Keysender. Simply input the new price in the 'Price' field and press 'Update' to make the changes.

Once these steps are complete, Keysender will be integrated with your account, and you can start managing your products directly from Keysender.

Reviewed: 6/30/2023

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